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Buying Traffic For Your Web Site

Got that new site up and running but visitors? “If you build it they will come” is definitely not true in the online world. There are just too many sites out there and it’s very easy to be completely invisible to the outside world.

There are a number of options for the new site owner. First of all you’ll want to join several forums in your niche and begin to post relevant answers to other people’s questions. After several weeks you will begin to be looked at as an authority figure and you can place a link back to your web site in your signature and also your profile page on the forum. You may also find other webmasters that you can convince to put a link back to your site. Unfortunately, these all take time to see results and you really want to start making things happen quickly.

The absolute fastest (instant actually) way to get traffic to your site is to purchase it. We always recommend that our clients budget a percentage of their business development budget to some paid traffic to jumpstart their online business.
Buy Website Traffic

Pay per click is  the model used by Google, Yahoo and MSN.  In all three cases you pick search terms that you feel your site visitors would be using and bid what you’d be willing to pay per click.  This can become very expensive in a hurry and there are quite a few programs to help you optimize your pay per click campaigns.

A less risky method (and one we use on all our new sites) is to use one of the traffic services to purchase visitors to your site.  One of our current favorites is Easy Traffic and I recommend purchasing some geographically targetted traffic and also some that is targeted to your specific site niche (category).  This will get you an instant bump in Alexa rank and if you’re lucky you’ll gain a few backlinks.

Dominate Your Niche With PPC Bully

I’ll make this short and sweet.  If you’re using any Pay Per Click marketing to drive traffic to your web site you know that it’s become incredibly competitive and expensive over the last year as large numbers of people are entering the market.  Clicks that cost .05 to .10 a year ago are $1, $2, $5 and more.

If you want to win the pay per click game (and we all do) then you need an unfair advantage.

Enter the guys at PPC Bully who’ve built a system that can target valuable key word phrases that actually convert into sales.  Instead of tuning and testing for weeks and spending thousands of dollars in the process you can have a profitable, optimized pay per click campaign from the minute it launches.

It’s not cheap but with the profits it can bring you’ll see an excellent return on your investment.

Go to Fully Optimized Pay Per Click – PPC Bully

Can Submitting Articles Really Build Site Traffic?

I’ve been part of several Internet Marketing forums for years now and am still amazed to see this question come in from time to time from ‘newbies’.  By newbies I mean both new people coming into the business and also people who’ve been in this biz for a while using blackhat techniques and suddenly finding their traffic disappear because the search engines figured out what they were doing.

First of all, there’s nothing magical about article directories – it’s just another site.  The only thing important about building site traffic is the quality of the inbound links and the anchor text.  Inbound link quality is all about the importance Google or the other search engines give to the originating site.  It just so happens that several article directories have been picky about the articles they allow to be posted and in so doing Google understands that the quality of the content there is worthy of a high ranking.

So – if you can find a site that Google (or the other search engines) find desirable, and can get a link from there back to your site you have a potential gold mine.  The only thing magical about article sites is that instead of jumping through hoops to get a link back to your site from one of these gold mines – article sites allow ANYONE with a quality article to submit and get those magical links back to your site.

But here is the key…

You can spend thousands of hours writing and submitting articles and/or thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click advertising yet still not build a profitable web site.  The real question is – have you built anything of value that is even worthy of pushing traffic?  Most of the forums I belong to I operate in stealth mode and don’t even post a signature.  I do, however, enjoy clicking on other people’s signature links.  Invariably when I find someone desperately asking how to drive traffic, I’ll click on one of their links and find a site build with PLR content or ‘spun plr’ content that is truly just rubbish that can be found anywhere else.

Here’s my challenge – build a site with content that you feel is truly worthy of greatness.  Imagine that you were down to your last $1000 – then build a site that you feel would provide enough value to your visitors that it would be worthwhile for you to spend your last $1000 on pay per click to send visitors.

Use RSS Content to Automatically Update Your Web Site

One of the most powerful new tools for webmasters is the XML specification and with it the now famous RSS feed. If you’re not using RSS to either feed content from your site or feed content into your site you’re missing out on an incredible tool.

This post had some great general info about RSS

For easy site building that automatically creates an RSS feed I like to use either WordPress or Drupal CMS systems.

For this article though I’d like to talk about the ways you can pull RSS feeds into your site and use the available content.

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and is really just a set of rules for organizing a block of content in the XML specification. So, all you need to do is have a script that will read that specification and then display it on your site. Thankfully, several programmers have come to your rescue.

If you are running a wordpress blog there is a simple import tab in the administrative section that will pull in any RSS feed. There are also a number of plugins available that can automate the process for you.

If you’re using a simple html web site there are a couple of options available. MagpieRSS or SimplePIE both are php scripts that with a little configuration can get you up and running. Or you can use a simple script that works very well.

For a list of some of the most popular RSS feeds available to pull into your site –…rss_feeds.html

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