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Where Should I Locate My Micro Business?

The ideal workplace for many Micro Business owners begins and ends at their home.  This is especially true if you are:

  • Turning a craft or hobby into a money making venture.
  • Need to be home to supervise and care for your children or other family member.
  • Starting part-time while you still work a regular 9 to 5 job.
  • Are looking from the freedom that working from home can provide.

Thousands of businesses can be started and run as a one-person organization.  In our virtual world almost any of your business processes can be outsourced leaving you the freedom to do what you do best.  Again, playing to your strengths and finding ways to work around your weaknesses.

You do need to have a certain level of self-discipline to keep from vegetating in front of the TV all day instead of working on your business.  Having excellent mentors in place to hold you accountable can be invaluable to the one-person enterprise.  Regular input and motivation from a trusted source can mean the difference between success or failure.

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Can I Succeed As A Micro Business Owner?

The truth is that there is only one way to find out.  Each person has a number of strengths and weaknesses.  The secret is to use your strengths and find ways to overcome your weaknesses.  Sometimes it’s not easy for us to recognize those strengths or weaknesses in ourselves.  This is where a great mentor relationship is valuable.  These can be people in your own personal life but it’s often valuable to folks who can be completely disconnected from the situation.

We’ve found these folks in a number of places for ourselves.  Finding already successful people in a similar but non-competing business is one of the best options.  Participating in online forums with other micro business owners can help you to weed out the folks that know what they’re talking about vs. the wanna-be’s.

The other way to ensure success is to use technology to streamline time-consuming processes.  Anything that can be automated in your business will instantly improve your profitability.  Don’t spend time working IN your business when you should be working ON your business.  WordPress software has become the most popular way to simplify web site creation.  The obstacle that faces new Micro Business startups is how to get started with web hosting and installing the WordPress system.

After hearing the complaints on numerous forums and helping 100’s of people through the process we decided to combine a mentoring program with Free WordPress Hosting in an exciting new package.

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What Is A Micro Business?

Micro businesses have typically been defined as those with 5 or fewer employees.  They can be home, farm or street front based – full or part-time and located anywhere in the world.

Our expertise is in helping people start an internet based micro business or at least businesses that feed off internet publicity and exposure.  These are the types of businesses that can be started for very little initial capital allowing you to test and perfect ideas without begging for outside investors.

They can be automated to a large extent so they do not take a large portion of your time, allowing you to create multiple streams of income.  Should one business niche start to decline in profitability you always have additional models working in other niche markets.

We have 15 years of internet experience and have seen a number of different niches become profitable and then die off so the importance of having multiple profit centers cannot be overemphasized.

Let us help you begin the great adventure into creating your own future.

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