Making a one-time sale to a customer is good.  It means you’ve crossed the hurdle of creating a quality product, presenting it to an audience that is interested in buying and doing it in such a way that made them understand the value of your product or service.

However, truly successful businesses find a way to create customers for life by collecting contact information and knowing the demographics of your customer you can present valuable information to them, thus becoming the ‘expert in your field’.  By presenting yourself as the expert and proving it to them by providing quality information you become the default location for their next purchase.

The best point of contact is an email address and you should be collecting every customer (or potential customer) and using a professional autoresponder and mailing system.  The value of these systems over an ‘in house’ approach is that a greater percentage of your email will be delivered and you won’t get shutdown by your ISP for sending spam should you receive any complaints.

There are several nice options for autoresponders but most are quite expensive and not good starting points for a new business.  Three quality services that are affordable are Aweber, iContact and GetResponse.  All start at between $10 & $20 per month.  We’ve used all of them in the past but currently have moved our lists to Aweber and iContact since GetResponse upgraded their system (and broke our forms). Also note – iContact currently has a 15 day free trial. - Email Marketing Service

If you have questions about how to use either service just send us a note.