Did you know that older domains and web sites are given priority in the search engine algorythms?  Does that mean that if you are new to the internet that you don’t have a chance?  No, of course not.  It does mean that the sooner you get started the better off you’ll be in the coming months / years.

Several years ago I decided to start buying domain names as I thought that they would become valuable over the next couple of years.  Every time I’d become interested in a subject or hobby I would purchase 5 or 6 domain names relating to that topic.  Today I have almost 500 domains just from buying a couple at a time – many of which are 3, 4 and 5 years old.  The search engines love these domains and as I develop them one at a time they rise to the top of the search engines fairly quickly.

What does that mean to you?  I’m encouraging you to do the same thing – start today!  At $10 or so each you can afford to pick a couple that you like and start to think about how you can develop a site around them.

Built into almost every hosting package today is the ability to install a wordpress blog.  This is the simplest way to get a web site started and you can simply write an article every time you think of something new and interesting about your topic.  If you’re uncomfortable installing wordpress we’ll be glad to do it for you.

Next you’ll want to find a couple of online forums that relate to your subject.  Pick ones that are popular and allow you to put links back to your web site in the signature of your posts.  Now every time you post in the forum you’ll have another backlink to your site – perfect for search engine placement.

Before you know it you’ll have 5 or 10 articles on your site, the search engines will have indexed all your pages because of the backlinks and you’ll begin to pull traffic.

All that’s left is a way to monetize that traffic.

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