You’ve probably seen multiple books (and late night TV programs) about how to make money on eBay.  These usually involve hooking up with one of the online clearance companies and then posting 100’s of ads to try to sell these products and have them drop-shipped to your customers.

It’s true that you can make some money this way, but keeping a steady stream of products, posting ads, dealing w/customers is going to turn into a full time job and the profits are small because of the slim margins and thousands of other entrepreneurs trying to do the same thing.

Thankfully, there is an easier method

There are two very easy to use scripts that take (almost) all the work out of making money on eBay.  eBay has a program in place that allows you to make commissions on auction sales that originate from your web site.

Simply put, write a short article on your web site about a certain popular product, insert the ad code that lists current eBay auctions of that product or similar.  Everyone that clicks on the ebay listings on your site and then purchases the item on eBay will generate a commission in your account.

Which script is better?  phpBayPro is a plugin for WordPress.  It can be used on any one of your wordpress site pages and so integrates well into an existing site and has very powerful configuration options.

BANS or Build A Niche Store is really a complete site in itself.  If you are less technically inclined it is a bit simpler to set up but less configurable.

Here’s the best news – Purchase either script through our links below, send us an email and will set either one up free. This can be on your current hosting account or on your free hosting account as a member of Start A Micro Business.

To make sure and receive your free site setup – first clear the cookies in your browser.

Click Here to purchase phpBayPro

Click Here to purchase BANS