You can spend thousands of dollars to have your first web site developed (and we have clients every day that spend that much) but for ease of use, simplicity and powerful features you really can’t beat WordPress for your first web site platform.

We’ve built websites since 1995 – both scratch coding with html and css and also using the most powerful content management systems on the market.  For your first (and maybe your 100th) web site – WordPress is a far better option than starting from a blank page or spending thousands with a web development team.

WordPress is not just a single platform but instead is like an electronic set of tools that you can add pieces to and build a custom site exactly like you want.

Don’t like the way your site looks? You can totally change its appearance in a few minutes. All by yourself.  There are virtually thousands of free ‘site templates’ or the visual platform that you can use to make the site look totally different in seconds – and then change it back with a mouse click.

Need a photo gallery, ecommerce site or just a blog – WordPress has it all available.  Not to mention the hundreds of add-on features available at a mouse click – most of them completely free.

Just about anything you want to do with your online business can be done quickly, easily, and cheaply with WordPress.  And if something doesn’t work the way you expected it to you can quickly and easily remove it and try.

Sounds too good to be true! It’s not.    Almost any quality Linux based hosting company has the ability to host this fantastic free platform.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to jump in and learn things on your own you can simply purchase a hosting account and jump into the pool.

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Or – maybe you’re in a hurry and just want to have your site up and running and be ready to add your content.

We have another option – Ready-to-go WordPress installed web site packages.

This includes:

* Custom WordPress installation on our optimized Linux based web servers.
* 8 of the most popular WordPress themes pre-installed and ready to use.
* Installation of the Latest version of WordPress
* Installation and activation of our top picks of WordPress plugins – these are the same plug-ins we use to manage and profit from over 400 of our own web sites.
* Continued support for any questions or problems you are having with the site.
* Continued hosting fees billed at only $7 per month.
* (NOTE: Transfer of content from an existing website is not included, but could be done at an additional cost)

As part of our support community you’ll also receive business building tips to use to begin building a serious web presence for your business. Get started today!