One of the most powerful new tools for webmasters is the XML specification and with it the now famous RSS feed. If you’re not using RSS to either feed content from your site or feed content into your site you’re missing out on an incredible tool.

This post had some great general info about RSS

For easy site building that automatically creates an RSS feed I like to use either WordPress or Drupal CMS systems.

For this article though I’d like to talk about the ways you can pull RSS feeds into your site and use the available content.

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and is really just a set of rules for organizing a block of content in the XML specification. So, all you need to do is have a script that will read that specification and then display it on your site. Thankfully, several programmers have come to your rescue.

If you are running a wordpress blog there is a simple import tab in the administrative section that will pull in any RSS feed. There are also a number of plugins available that can automate the process for you.

If you’re using a simple html web site there are a couple of options available. MagpieRSS or SimplePIE both are php scripts that with a little configuration can get you up and running. Or you can use a simple script that works very well.

For a list of some of the most popular RSS feeds available to pull into your site –…rss_feeds.html